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Han used his fingers to snap off the overgrown weeds blocking his way. They could see Karl's gang who had made a base out in the wide open.


"Today our opponent is squad 6. This battle is easier than all the battles we have fought thus far. Their squad had suffered too many injuries from previous squad battles so they won't be able to deploy their core members. It's very likely that they're ready to throw the towel already. But, don't let your guard down. Let's obtain a perfect victory."


This was the first time Kuro had focused all his strength toward his own psychic powers like this. The fishes movements seemed to flash in his mind like instinct. He understood which direction the fish would move by reflex.


Silence has excellent battle strength, but his communication skills are poor. It would be impossible for someone unable to talk to lead a squad. Han had been a squad leader during second year so it was natural that Han was second in command.


Han's head spun. Dmitri had bulldozed him like a bear and headbutted him. It felt like something was ringing inside his head.


Han thought of the choices of that moment. Corporal Zhai mercilessly shot Herald. Han understood that was the correct choice.

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The soldiers referred to women in all sorts of ways. Han began to imagine various things by himself and he would feel his face grow red, then he could only look down in shame.


Due to Simon's comments during their first gathering, the European and Northeast Asians did not get along so well. They didn't outright fight against each other but there was a silent war between the two.


The room went quiet for a period of time. Silence broke the standstill with his electronic notebook.


Inspector Rue's spoke with a smooth voice. He didn't seem high handed or forceful in the least. Inspector Rue had waited quietly and patiently until the end of training. Han accepted his invitation for a chat.


The news came abruptly. Following the survival drill, Kuro's rank had far surpassed those from class B.


Silence slowly raised one of his legs into the air. His raised right leg made a perfect vertical line with his left leg. Silence took a deep breath and spread his arms out. He turned back his hips just a bit to position himself.


'No, Squad 13's tactics are too underhanded which perfectly rubs Simon's temper the wrong way. They didn't stop badgering Simon until he lost his temper. It will be hard for Simon to remain calm any more than this. Simon can easily knock them out with one punch, but they keep attacking from a safe distance…'



With new members, the dorm became crowded. When they were only four, it had remained quiet. But with ten, it was now noisy with chatter. They also received twice the amount of supplies.



"I will get the Elu mage. We will make a surprise attack from behind the dimensional crack. If Elu mages sense psychic energy in the same way as us…, it will be extremely difficult to sense us there. The light coming from the dimensional crack messes up one's senses. Additionally, they will not be able to see well due to the blinding rainbow colored lights shining out from the ground."


Inspector Rue and Kuro took care of the enemies who came attacking from the back. Inspector Rue wore a colder expression than usual.


Squad 13 looked excited. The other squads held similar expressions of enthusiasm for visiting the dimensional crack. It felt like they were off on a field trip. Han also felt that this day would feel like a much needed day off. After Han finished his meal and shower, he went to Jose's room.

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