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Kuro didn't have a sense of rivalry against Simon at all. He simply wanted to befriend him while controlling the airbeats together.


Silence has excellent battle strength, but his communication skills are poor. It would be impossible for someone unable to talk to lead a squad. Han had been a squad leader during second year so it was natural that Han was second in command.


While Sergeant Red and Simon rested, Han and Silence maintained watch. The forest was quiet and occasionally they would see wild animals. Han understood this was South Korea's territory, but it felt like foreign land. The North Korea he had lived in was a decaying jungle-like city. He could only see the shining huge cities from far away.


'If Kuro didn't push me down, it would have been the end of me. However, nobody was within a visible range of me. Who is that masked guy? Had there been such a person in squad 6?'


Han already understood the situation. The drill instructors were monitoring them and looking for the right time to come into the room. They had been waiting for the exact time when the children would fight amongst one another to create an event in which they would be able to unite as one.


Han's body submerged into the cold ocean. Han swiftly cut the tangled parachute ropes. The island wasn't too far away. His backpack had an empty water jug which helped in aiding him to stay afloat. Due to this, even the worst swimmers could make it onto land.

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"This is so stuffy and irritating. My vision is narrow. I really hate these type of equipments. Won't it be fine as long as I don't get hit?"


Han stopped attacking and spoke. Kuro was now drenched in sweat. He tightly shut his eyes and swung his spear.


drill instructor Wei narrowed his eyes. He had already been aware of everything that happened during the survival drill.


The thirteenth squad had all gathered in Jose's room. Jose had the least baggage and had the most space for people to relax.


The werewolf jumped over the barricade. At that moment, the spears bulleted out and pinned themselves into the werewolf's body.


"Aigoo, look at your scary eyes. Do you feel frustrated, kiddo?" Laocha snickered. Han closed his eyes and repressed his emotions. He calmly responded.


After the disaster, Kuro was officially registered as an S-Rank Psyker. Not only that, but he was the youth who saved countless others of Ark.



Han selected the rangers to be students who have high stamina and ranking for weapon arts. The eyes of the youths in the Eastern Army glimmered with excitement. Their opponents also held the same anticipation in their eyes.



The Elu mage's body shook and slumped down onto the floor. An Elu warrior slumped onto the floor. Without the Elu mage's support, the warriors couldn't hold a candle against Squad Whiskey. Simon and Silence took care of the remaining warriors with their guns.


Dimitri, of Squad 5, ran alongside Han. Dimitri was on good terms with all the squad leaders. Everyone had good opinions of him and he was also highly skilled. He had a likeable, masculine personality that treated everyone in an open and free way.


Han had never thought that far. The squad leader must have the confidence of his squad members. Han had shaken the confidence of the squad as a whole.

  • As long as they had energy left, this plan should work just fine. However, the youths were mentally and physically at their limits.
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